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about us

At Laneland Farm, we try to remember when time
seemed to slow down:
  People knew their “Ps and Qs”
  A handshake was all you needed
  A kid could be a kid and dream
  A lady was treated with respect
  A dollar was worth something

We try to do the above things on a daily basis. Laneland Farm is proud to provide over 100+ acres and 17+ miles of trails for the boarders and students to ride, without it costing an arm and leg. We have not one, but two parking areas. We also provide a “wash area “for your horse: at no extra charge to you! We have several places along the trail to tie off your horse and relax or have a picnic.

Our trails are designed for different levels of ability, from beginner up to (and including) advanced riders. We have trails that are open for you and your horse to get up and go, if you wish, while taking in a view that is breathtaking. But for other riders, we have a section of trails that are in the woods but with a twist...the twist is some of the trails go around not one, but three ponds. The largest pond is 7 acres in size. Another twist is we have two trails that you have to go up a shaded creek with your horse. From the creek, you decide whether to take either a trail that goes up a hill and leads you into the woods or take the trail with a ravine or embankment that you and your horse would climb to get to the heart of the woods. At this point, you can decide on what trail to continue on or take a moment to remember: tie your horse off and enjoy the view (there are many) and listen to nature. If you are lucky and are riding with your sweetheart, it’s the perfect time to steal a kiss. This is only a sample of the 14 trails that you and your horse can ride.

Laneland Farm believes in not just you having fun, but your horse having fun as well. A happy horse either in a large green pasture or on a trail being challenged makes a great outing for owner and horse. That’s not a bad day out, especially when it’s not costing you an arm and a leg.

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